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Sacha Stone

Position: Founder Humanitad

Former rock musician Sacha is founder of the New Earth Project, the planetary sovereignty, consciousness and sustainability movement convening itself as the worlds first extraterritorial nation of peoples from all cultures & faiths. New Earth nationals are people who choose to step out of the invisible contracts with corporate nation states and into a new covenant of fellowship amongst all of humankind via a Declaration of Sovereignty. The nation exists under its own cognisance, as its own court of record and is backed up by its own law commission, law academy and a growing army of law experts around the world. The Nation is launching a zero-point economy and has recently launched Zero Point Time (ZPT) as a unified time […]

Divine Intervention

Position: L.ight A.rtist N.etwork 4 C.onsciousness r.Evolution

Walk in the Light of the Sun, as if Everyone could see you, all the Time. The Light is Always with You. Time in Time has just begun, spinning, neverending, cycles closing, patterns repeating, resonance points recreating history, images reflecting within each other.  Time to wake up to Unity. Timelines converging NOW.  This Time we make the Shift !  If one has just the right idea that catches fire within everyone… the perfect concept, the fractal thought that restructures the mindfield to perfectly nested geometry… it can be done in the blink of an eye ~ of the great Buddha. A few years here on Earth. It is already on the way. An all-pervading thoughtform, carried by the highest frequencies […]

Wolf Knoerr

Position: Brand & Marketing Oversight

Studied fine arts at a college in Hannover, I later graduated in both naturopathy and homeopathy. For several years I practiced homeopathy in southern Germany. I never lost interest in the fine arts, along with graphic and interactive computer design. Leaving the field of therapy, I became a founding partner with a group offering IT solutions, advertising, and consulting to business startups. This led to a partnership in a branding and communication company. I currently live with my family in Berlin. Further interests: meditation on inner light and sound, energy independence, break through technologies, music, manifestation of loving kindness, respect for all beings, healthy (un)cooking,… and everything alive.

Greg Paul

Position: Director

Greg Paul was born in England. By the age of 24, he was the youngest senior quantity surveyor in the country at a well-respected leading national house builder. He ran his own house building company for several years before permanently exiting the world of commerce altogether following significant research into the fundamental tenets of the existing financial and political paradigm, which he could no longer in good conscience continue to be a part of. Since then, he has spent much of his time asserting mankind’s fundamental rights to self-determination both within the court system and without. He is the author of several anonymously published motivational books on exercising sovereignty and teaches sovereignty through the effective application of the art of […]

Santi Azpilicueta

Position: IT Director & More

Santi ended his corporate career as a Financial Analyst in a Spanish Multinational in 1996 when he moved to Washington State in the USA.  He became a serial entrepreneur and technologist, commandeering or participating in many ventures including book publishing, lead generation, and Internet Marketing.  One of his latest clients is Andrew Bartzis, whom he helped successfully establish a profitable business in less than a year.  Now Santi is passionately dedicated to creating web systems, live media production, and financial processes for the New Earth Project and the ITNJ.

Nancy Ash, DD, PhD

Position: Worldwide Executive Director of NewEarth University (NEU)

Dr. Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is a modern day mystic, veteran teacher, and pioneering midwife to the new paradigm since the 1970s.  Her heart-centered voice is heard worldwide as a passionate new-thought-leader, author/poet, web TV host, and former radio show personality championing peace for all women, men, and children on this planet. Since 2014, Professor Ash has been the worldwide Executive Director (and a faculty member) of the unprecedented NewEarth University (formally known as NE Institute), the learning arm and planetary hub for wisdom-keeping of the global movement, NewEarth Project.  The NewEarth Project is a major initiative born from an international humanitarian foundation, of which she is a representative. Nancy Ash is president, professor and graduate/postgrad advisor at New […]

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