• sovereignty and property rights.

    Who enforces who gets to do stuff to the cool areas? What if disputes over those things arise? If not gov then mob rule? Mutual land stewardship sounds cool, but what if people have differing opinions of land use? I as yet see no ideal form of property rights except for the immortal and perfectly…[Read more]

    • I don’t believe in ‘property rights’. You have a right to something you produce or something you trade for, but land wasn’t created by man, so it can’t be owned or traded either. Land is
      to be stewarded and rights to the land are generated over time and through labor. Property rights, from my perspective, means the rights to your ‘property’…[Read more]

      • I agree from a philosophical moral standpoint. But what if two people each want to do different things to the same area? Both willing to invest their labor. both beneficial environmental footprints in different ways. How would that be resolved?

        the obvious answer would be ‘community chooses’. But then that just takes us back to a governing…[Read more]

        • Two systems are required. One of land steward who abide natural law, and one of urbanites who abide mans law. So in the former, the conflict would be determined naturally, while in the latter, it would be determined by a system of governance.

        • Clarifying that response, in the land stewardship system, any localized community spaces where rights to develop are in confusion, agreement arrangements/consensus mechanisms will already be in place, relative to that community. In the urbanite centers, governance requirements supersede individual rights, and development rights become communal…[Read more]

        • The relation between the two interests me. I think ideally, there would be sharp definition b/w the two, road networks would become less necessary with efficient non-imposing, high-speed transport b/w urbanite centers, and regenerative land stewardship practiced on the rest of the land.

          • and variation among what attribute urbanite centers require (inher/money/officialstatus/morality/publicdecision/etc) seems a cool way to benignly diversify eventually too.

      • im currently working with something like u said in my book. it just still seems imperfect due to those last 2 sentences of that other reply i did. hard to overcome those. idk if possible

  • I have three main areas in which I seem to be diverging from the main view of paradise as put forth here. I think corruption is a primary culprit of the problems attributed to money and government. Corruption can be deduced functionally to a willingness to do more to attain a personal goal (often beyond morality boundaries). It is solvable.…[Read more]

    • Big government & $ just means it is taking all that money and productive potential and redistributing it in a non-competitive way, draining energy from the productive sector and sending it to the bureaucratic non-productive sector to allocate. The benefit of government is its unified organization, but the same could be achieved without the…[Read more]

      • nice description of gov by its function and paragraph as a whole rlly. ima think about that gov role from a new perspective thx. u should save the world lol

        and idk yet tho for if community can do it as well. tbh that depends on how the solution to corruption works. I’ve got some nice ones for small gov, but only silly ones for public things so far.

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