• Can the next level of organization be arranged in a way that creates a consciousness on the multiperson scale that is aware of itself in the way we are?

  • I realized in compiling my notes that there are actually infinite possible paradises that meet X requirements. Which one happens depends on the recipe, and there is actually a lot of wiggle room. So lets share recipe fragments. Here are two, will share more if others share.

    Compile ‘good person attributes’. One by one devise ideal way to…[Read more]

  • if creating a universe, would you include a ‘balance’ concept? duality? threeality? wut?
    How would it work? Would values fluctuate?

    If ur materialistic, this is for when we are generating worlds in perfect virtual reality. Just a mental excercise rlly

    • I created a world-generator model w/ 4 dimensional axis. 1axis is love/truth, 2 axis is life/production, 3axis is reason/faith, 4 axis is security/liberty. These axis promote balance, as each will lead to its opposite in extremis. It is fractally effective. I’m trying to help bring into fruition a digital interface and organizational structure…[Read more]

      • Axis1= Right, Axis2= Fruits, Axis3=truth, Axis4=density
        *correction from prev post, axis1 is justice/love

      • maaaaaaan. i wrote a superlong thing only to look up at my notebook things and realize i totally did that too xcept different. Im makin some books using custom sacred geometry to brainwash people. Currently doing 3 branches that meet at the end. Top is reactive ideal good person and ideal loving community. Middle is mix of active…[Read more]

        • ours seem related but not the same. ideas about the programming and setup probably useful for both of us tho

        • Everytime I tried to ask you why you’re writing books to brainwash people, it turned into a joke, so I won’t ask!

          I partially understand, your model, it seems very ‘logical’…

          You’re doing a good job shaping my ‘mind circuit’…

          It is also bound and deterministic.

          The model I provided is a planetary one. I am deriving a digital interface…[Read more]

          • I’m distracted atm cuz I have to find a new place to move right now, but I am very interested in your project. I feel I can improve my own from what I learn. If you enjoy talking about yours as much as I enjoy talking about mine, go ahead plz I’m interested lol.

            By brainwashing, I am mostly editing preferences, what concepts are linked how…[Read more]

            • Or like a new internet that functions more like a brain?

            • My perspective is that decentralization with respect for diversity allows full integration and optimal results over time.
              I have also used the color spectrum to organize…
              The 3 tiers are expressions (input), projects (output) and roots (gateways&networking)
              Gamefiying input makes it user-driven, custom rooting relative to each user’s…[Read more]

      • yo keenan it wont let me respond down there so ima do it up here. If I get what u are saying I actually have that depicted in my ‘near future’ section. Lemme describe it and see if im rlly talking about your thing in my story.

        I realized power of vid games programming wc3 maps in like eleschool or junior high. It taught me code logic…[Read more]

        • srry if my sentence structure above is totally different from normal typed sentences. realized that after I typed it, lol.

          • O man and thinking about something else I realized the power of that personal rooting by preference thing u mentioned. that is supercool. tons of potential in that in a digital world. It basically makes digital replicas of people. I had thought to pattern recognize individual goooodness/beauty preferences and have that be the romanticish core…[Read more]

            • Oh neat, I played my fair share of custom wc3 maps… I like the intuitive programming game idea!
              Most recently I’ve been thinking about the interface being reflected in the OS and hardware… 16 processors with 16 micro SDs running 16 independent blockchains with the individual the hub of the 16, relative to each person. Ethereum platform seems…[Read more]

            • Oh boy, my phone (or reality?) started tweeking at the end there, almost lost it!
              AI has a huge niche in this environment. For ex: an AI specializing in geodome construction would be rooted into the lives of all of the people who would use that service… or an AI gardener, coexisting with families, maximizing nutritional quality and balance of…[Read more]

      • I wish the gov funded me lol. I’ve lived on a foodcard with no job for 5 years making this thing. I only recently hit the point where my project can be shown as something special and maybe grab funding of rich microsofties. ima try soon, will say how it goes.

        Tbh when I say Gov, I may be referring to something u would call something else.…[Read more]

        • gov things must be understandable and small and basic income distributes as a reward for the people voting on bills via their social media interface. so to get free money, everyone is directly involved in and deciding gov. win win. I personally consider that still a gov cuz it is forming the structure beyond the commercial and public citizen…[Read more]

          • ooooh interesting including nonhuman roots. That rooting car, if it had ai affected by the root could totally be its own entity then… and even represented later by a ghost lol. Basically your rooting thing, if applied everywhere combined with ai = shinto spirits in everything. that is so cool.

            anyway, what awesome ideas tonight. And for…[Read more]

            • But yeah, there would be purely ‘digitalspiritworld’ ai’s and then ai’s attached to real objects. What about ai’s that can posses one car, walk to another and posses that car instead. Or transfering root from an old car to a new one? basically soul transfer. that sounds like something to think on. anyway, ur welcome for longest wall of text…[Read more]

            • Oh, where do you live? Good luck with the project and funding. I think the idea of governance with one person or group governing others is flawed, only justice and organixation is required. Aligns pretty well with how you describe ideal gov. I don’t agree about highly subsidised, but I think its more a matter of language. Also, I think of bills…[Read more]

      • Good question actually, lol. Im livin with a guy here in Olympia Washington. But even before I got here, he was in process of eviction cuz his roommate died and rent 2 big. Gotta be out on monday lol. So my stay here was brief. Been craigslistin for a van or apt with the guy but like 1.2 days left. Idk what hes gonna do cuz he has 3 cats and…[Read more]

        • If you can get out to VT, I could give you a room to stay til June and then a good campsite til additional shelters are complete… i am intending on expanding my off-grid foundation to support sovereign community space this build season… here’s some info. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B54gfGKcd9k6NDFEd1p0RVhka2s

          • O man I want to. So usually I feel like a vampire when I live with people because I eventually drain all their good ideas without them making more. I do it in mutual symbiosis like ‘here have my good ideas and thanks for yours now we both grow and our projects grow’. At some point it reaches the stage where they say nothing of value to me, and…[Read more]

            • Sure. I think that’s just how osmosis works. Seems like everything happens in beginning sharing new stuff, then stalls, cause gotta recalibrate with new awareness b4 new creative intents arise. But creates resonance potential to have mutual effort and intent as well (exponentially). Couple things to consider is you probably won’t be able to…[Read more]

            • No fridge

      • I hope in some way I helped u 2. peeeeeeace ­čÖé

  • I see large predator animals and mosquitoes as outdated from a civilized future paradise standpoint (poison plants eventually too). Any better solution beyond ‘domesticate where possible, save the dna and in zoos, continue study, then moral birthcontrol the wild population?’
    Is there an alternate version of paradise that still has grizzlies and…[Read more]

  • What is the ideal method of news dispersion? Community fact/quality checked thing like reddit xcept also categorized by proximity and shareable thru social media ez like facebook? gimme some ideas yo

    I’m going to keep putting out question/topic baits the next few days to see if anyone comes. Then ima leave and check/bump every month or…[Read more]

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