• Earth Day has been celebrated globally since 1970, with synchronized events to raise awareness
    towards environmental problems & solutions, to create more peace & harmony through planetary Meditations, and to

    • Can Anyone Tell Me WHERE ? ? ?

      • On Earth, dear friend, a fringe Planet of the local Galaxy, 7. Solar System of Alkyone. Known as Living Library and interstellar experimental training field for lightworkers.

      • Okay, kidding… 🙂
        Its all written on the Amoraleza Community Page:
        “in the Alpujarras, near Lanjarón, in the south of Spain.”
        The detailed directions will be published on the Flyers when the date draws near, or if you want to visit before, I can get you in touch with Lorenzo who’s organizing that.

    • You can see the workshops, Soundbath and Extatic Dance we had last time, on Earth Day 2016.
      Just to get an idea… it will be similar, in-depth knowledge alternating with hands-in-the-ground, practical workshops where we learn good techniques by doing them. If you feel a calling to join and share, to participate in some way, please get in contact…[Read more]