How should one deal with the local/national authorities of the former governing state after establishing one’s own micro-nation?

It is important to remember that what you give out, you get back… If you or your family/community engage in this process with hostility toward so-called authorities, then hostility is what you will receive in return. The core ethic of New Earth Nation is peaceful in nature; it is based in service to others rather than service to self. If your micro-nation successfully embodies this ethic and becomes a supportive benefit to its surrounding international community members, it will be vastly more accepted as a valuable member of the international community and it will be a lot more difficult for an authority to justify impinging on your autonomy/sovereignty. Successful micro-nation efforts to date have all done this – the Hutt […]

Why does the Treaty matter?

The New Earth Treaty is THE event which empowers the existence of New Earth Nation… Without the Treaty there is no New Earth Nation. It provides the framework for cooperation between nations (you and/or your communities); it mandates a direct e-democracy platform which allows your voice to be heard on the international stage; it is the means by which strength in numbers can finally be catalysed toward positive global change; it is the platform which provides for the emergence of a new ethic in planetary governance and stewardship; it formally established your position on matters such as artificial personhood; and your ratification of it is prima facie evidence of your peace with the world.

What rules do member nations and micro-nations agree to abide by?

Only that which they consent to when ratifying the New Earth Treaty.

What role is the New Earth Trust playing in New Earth Nation, and does this have any bearing over my/our micro-nation?

It is the New Earth Trust which has facilitated the creation of the New Earth Nation platform, it is the New Earth Trust which runs the efforts which increase its popularity, and it is the New Earth Trust who has created the New Earth Institute and its Law Academy which offers guidance, support, workshops and more on all matters relating to establishing and administering your micro-nation, but it does not have any say whatsoever in the administration of New Earth Nation, or over the evolutionary path which New Earth Nation takes, or over how you conduct your day to day lives as a member/national of a NEN micro-nation – this is entirely up to you!

Why does a micro-nation need to establish its own constitution?

There is no rule which requires a nation to have a constitution – England does not have an explicit constitution (though it does have several documents which are generally understood to make up its constitution), but then England is an established player on the world stage! If your micro-nation is going to participate in the international arena (and treaty with other nations and micro-nations) then the people who you treaty with will expect to know who you are and what you stand for – just as you would likely expect from them. It is for this reason that all parties seeking membership with New Earth Nation through ratification of the New Earth Treaty will need to have, or make, a […]

How does my/our micro-nation’s constitution determine its governance structure?

Your constitution IS your governance structure! This is where you get the opportunity to explain exactly how you, your family or community group intend to govern thyself. Take a look at the Law Academy’s Creating a Constitution and Constitutional Design information for guidance on creating yours.

What records must my/our micro-nation keep?

This will depend on the level of service your micro-nation is constituted to provide to its nationals… Will your micro-nation offer ID cards to its nationals so they can show others what micro-nation they are members of? Will your micro-nation have a national bank? Will it issue its own passports/travel passes? etc. If the answer is yes to any of these questions (or any questions like them), they will likely require the keeping of records… In short, it’s your call!

How does my/our micro-nation fit within the whole?

Once you have ratified the New Earth Treaty, your micro-nation is a full member of New Earth Nation. The Treaty explains clearly what the obligations and benefits of membership are, and how your micro-nation may participate in its administration.

How can my/our micro-nation defend its territorial claim?

If you go about this exercise properly, you shouldn’t need to… Properly establishing your land as a sovereign territory and learning the ins and outs of international law and diplomatic relations is the crucial part – if you have a thorough understanding of these things (and a thorough understanding only comes by practicing them) and a dogged determination to see that truth be upheld at all costs, then you ought to be able to peacefully defend any territorial claim when challenged. However, the frequency and intention your micro-nation holds and expresses and what it does to serve the people of those nations who may challenge your claim, and how perfectly the people of your micro-nation are able to express their […]

What about emergency services like the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service or Police Force?

As a sovereign micro-nation it is your responsibility to make sure that your community/nationals are protected. Perhaps you will make your own provisions for fire & medical/accident emergencies or appoint defenders of the peace in your communities? Perhaps you will treaty with your neighbour to provide these services for you? Or perhaps your people do not care to make or have such provisions? It’s up to you – as a sovereign micro-nation, you make the decisions, and you take responsibility for their outcomes!

What about water supplies if the territories of our micro-nation do not have their own water sources?

Water is the source of all life – it would be wise to ensure that you and your fellow nationals have access to it. A good territory would have its own water sources, but if yours doesn’t you could look at technological solutions – atmospheric water, desalination (if a coastal territory), etc… You could always treaty with your neighbour to provide water, but relying upon the goodwill of others on such a crucial matter may not be the best way of ensuring the absolute freedom of the people of your micro-nation.

Is New Earth Nation acting as a protectorate for our micro-nation?

Yes – but members will only get back out what they collectively put in… If you would hope for the collective of New Earth nations to come to your aid, then you ought to come to the aid of others when they stand in need… if you would like to receive ongoing support from the Secretariat or benefit from the platforms which NEN offers, then you ought to contribute, be it financially or otherwise, to the maintenance of those services.

Can I/we establish a micro-nation including territories which are the subject of a mortgage/lien? Does the debt need to be cleared first?

Yes you can… but be prepared for some additional legwork… The Law Academy will soon be offering guidance in this area.

Does New Earth Nation provide the means our members/nationals to operate outside existing banking structures?

The New Earth Exchange will certainly support this process when it launches in coming months, but it is really you who provide the means… As a sovereign nation/micro-nation you can and should create and operate your own usury free currency. The New Earth Promissory system will be available for you to establish an internal promissory currency for use within your own community/nation, but if you want to be able to trade beyond your borders, you can create your own sovereign currency which will be able to be exchanged with other sovereign currencies at the New Earth Exchange. The New Earth Institutes Exchange & Commerce Faculty will provide tools and guidance on how to establish and operate your own sovereign currency.

How can the people of our micro-nation create their livelihood outside the legacy system?

Land is the source of all wealth on our fair planet… and your micro-nation having full sovereign rights over a given territory will, in reality, be in a far stronger position to create true wealth and abundance for its people than when those lands were under the grip of the legacy system. But in real terms not much needs to change from how you or the people on the lands already create their livelihoods – the only change is one of definition… Instead of contracting with others you will be treating, instead of paying taxes to a national government for trade conducted in your national currency it will be you who is the operator of the currency with the right […]

Will all this be recognized by existing governments and structures? What will it take to give NEN the most credible, legitimate authority?

The strength of this initiative relies upon two things: that your micro-nation follows due process when establishing itself, and maintaining its position, and strength in numbers – as Our sovereign nations and micro-nations unite we have far greater power than when we stand alone – this is the purpose of New Earth Nation.

Is there a charge for micro-nation membership with New Earth Nation?

There is no charge for micro-nation membership to New Earth Nation, however the Secretariat responsible for administering New Earth Nation as per the New Earth Treaty requests that participating nations and micro-nations pay an annual donation to cover administrative expenses where they can. In the first year the suggested donation is $25 for each national over the age of 16. Each subsequent year the suggested donation will be adjusted by the Secretariat according to need – the Secretariat will not run at a profit and all donations will be used solely to the extent required to ensure the proper administration and maintain the integrity of New Earth Nation in accordance with the New Earth Treaty (such as maintaining proper Records […]

What additional actions can I take to increase the standing of my micro-nation once formed?

There are many things you can do to increase the standing of your micro-nation – the biggest thing you can do is to ensure that it has been properly constituted in the first place. The key is in understanding the rules and psychology of one’s former governing state and applying that knowledge judiciously… the Hutt River Province Secession Documents are a prime example of how to do this. Other thing you might consider are: Printing your own postage stamps Minting your own coins Issuing Membership ID cards to your Members/Nationals etc etc

Will it be a requirement that all micro-nations devote a certain amount of time to the governance of NEN and to Jury Duties before the New Earth Tribunal?

No… but all nations/micro-nations and their nationals are encouraged to exercise their rights to participate in the governance of NEN through its direct e-democracy platform, and all members who are not able to contribute to the financial upkeep of New Earth Nation are asked to contribute in other ways.

I have made a Declaration of Individual Sovereignty with New Earth Nation… does this bring me under the protection of the Treaty?

No – the New Earth Treaty can only commit to serving those who have ratified it and therefore expressed their commitment to the principles contained therein. The high threshold for an individual to be able to ratify the Treaty (i.e. that the individual must first be a properly constituted micro-nation) is to ensure that: All parties have attained the level of understanding necessary to properly self-govern, and All those individuals and groups whose capacities to properly self-govern are beyond reproach have the confidence to enter into the New Earth Treaty, by knowing who and what their fellow members are and what they stand for. The protection and benefits of the New Earth Treaty are however available to all when they […]

Is all this organization really necessary? Why? Who benefits?

You tell us… do you feel like you are living in a world which nurtures your creativity and respects your free will? Maybe you do, but if not, a basic participatory organisational structure that ensures these basic natural rights and freedoms, allowing you to step out of existing socio-political systems, may be for you…

By becoming a member of the NEN society, am I giving any of my personal sovereignty up?

NEN exists to empower you in exercising personal sovereignty, not take it away… That said it is hoped, through solidarity and fellowship in the exercise of sovereignty, that NEN members will transcend the idea of personal sovereignty altogether as their new found freedom serves as a catalyst for the realisation of their inherent unity (and thus that we each exercise sovereignty in service of the whole of which we are a part – not that this would or could ever be an ‘enforced’ position, rather the natural outcome of self-realisation en masse)

What are the duties and obligations of membership?

There are no ‘duties and obligations’ as such – the notion of duties and obligations is symptomatic of a world we ought to leave behind – they create a burden which is not something that should be imparted on incoming members. Rather members agree to ‘act in good faith to’: (i) live in accordance with natural law and to not prevent others from doing the same; (ii) cause no harm, loss or damage; (iii) respect the free will of others; (iv) mutually assist one another to advance our own evolution and that of the human condition.

After signing the treaty, how can I disassociate from NEN if, for example, I discover it’s really part of the Babylonian agenda or some form of controlled opposition?

Your ratification of the treaty is the source of your membership, so if you wish to disassociate, then simply notify the Permanent Secretary that you rescind your ratification of it.

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