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As the NewEarth continues to grow as simple testament to the emergent modality of our collective human heart, we are proud to present our 4th edition of NewEarth Oracle. 

Watch the interactive video trailer for issue 4 of neo.

The magazine features the NewEarth Haven special offering of the bio-architecture eco domes, which apply the 5 element theory for optimal living and health, and have just become available for sale in Ubud, Bali. Along with a special mention of the the Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival and the special ambassador program we're offering.

Find more about Akasha's seed to table carefully constructed reality, that enhances our environment and food quality. Read reports on the events that took place in NewEarth Haven Bali include: The Awakened Woman Conference on November 2016, right before largest women’s march in history. The launch of our monthly NewEarth Haven H.E.A.L Fest which was the synthesis of healing and education. A recap of the Standing Rock Bali Solidarity Gala, where Sacha delivers a compelling speech. Plus we have exclusive film premieres of Cobra Gypsies by Raphael Treza and The Connected Universe by Nassim Haramein.

Read all that your heart desires in this 4th issue of NewEarth Oracle - NEO.

Become a Festival Ambassador

April 2017 sees the launch of Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival in an idyllic and serene location at NewEarth Haven, Bali. This potent five day gathering is already set to be one of the key festivals to watch this year, with an all star line-up of speakers, innovators, healers, artists and musicians. It is a seed event for visionary creatives, thought leaders and change-makers.

A key focus is the engaging program of the Symposium comprising of talks and workshops to help shape a better future for humanity. Alongside the talks will be a vibrant array of healing sessions, to include yoga, transformational breathing, cacao ceremonies and meditation. The evenings will be the time to play and party -  filled with sounds from around the world with music, dance and spectacular performances.  

The festival will encompass wisdom and knowledge from the past and present. Alongside new technology and innovations will be the sharing of traditional knowledge from a Council of Wisdom Keepers. Representatives from the first nations people will be sharing their knowledge in talks, healing and ceremony throughout the festival.

Ancient Futures – NewEarth Festival has community at its very heart. We hope to grow organically through sharing news of the gathering around the world. We are blessed that our purpose resonates with like minded people just like you. To extend our gratitude we offer you the opportunity to become an official festival ambassador

This means for every 6 tickets you sell you get 1 free for yourself, as well as many other bonus rewards in between to share with your friends joining you at the festival.

To find out more or to sign up please visit our ambassadors page

Monthly NewEarth Haven H.E.A.L Fest Launch

Last weekend of January, NewEarth Haven in Bali, launched its monthly Haven H.E.A.L Fest, which stands for healing, education & alternative living. An event inspired by NewEarth’s mission to empower people with the knowledge and tools to heal themselves, moving far beyond dependence on the pharmaceutical and hospital industries.

High priestess Ida Resi blessed the opening with a powerful set of crystal healing sounds, as guests sat entranced in an energetic vortex, thus kicking off the 2 day event. Many workshops were held such as: om chanting meditation, krystalline body & dna activation, quantum healing & qi gong, mystic healing experience, women’s and men’s shiva Shakti circle, just to name a few. And water therapy called Watsu - which takes you to a womb like state - was offered in the haven’s healing bio pool, containing locally sourced volcanic filtered well water that is (22) vortex restructured; ozonated; and infused with colloidal silver, copper & magnesium.

NewEarth Haven H.E.A.L Fest was the synthesis of healing and education. Many interactive talks on pranic consciousness, raw food as nourishment and tantra took place. While the teleconferences included: Master herbalist, popularly known as Shaman Shack, explained the metaphysical healing properties of Reishi mushrooms; and “Grounding Consciousness” guided meditation to empower action to harmonize peace on our planet – given by yogi Jason Hernstad of Station Co-lab.

The dynamic array of powerful healing modalities intermixed with traditional Balinese massage, where private sound baths, fly high yoga, quantum and reiki healing took place, alongside past life regression sessions, offered in the Haven’s Moonstone Crystal Dome. The Bio Bliss Sanctuary, housed some of the world’s most cutting edge healing technologies based in both new and ancient principles: light therapy (infrared & red), ozone treatments, auric field readings, rife therapy (frequency healing) and bio geometry / special radesthesia (crystal dowsing).

The festival culminated with an Ectsatic Dance featuring two of the biggest legends in the field: Desert Dwellers & Kaminada, with an extended sound system spanning both Villa Akasha and the Bali haven. The multilayered experience of dance and musical ecstasy was presented in union with The Awakened Ecstatic Dance Retreat.

Announcing a 3-day online Global Summit Event.

New Earth New You NOW

Heaven on Earth in our Time

Created to be a collaborative place, for all humanitarian and visionary projects, created by multiple leaders and visionaries of New Earth and creating a new template for how we can share, play and come together consciously to educate, express and celebrate our gifts, blueprints and love for gaia and spirit. 

Taking place March 3 - 5th 11am-6pm U.S. Pacificm , the event is being manifested thanks to New Earth New You Now and it will include:

• 6 Lead Speakers

• 24 Guest Speakers

• 6 Group Meditations

• 3 Group Live Discussions

Connect to the facebook event or visit nenyn.org


If you would love to join our team, or if you have any suggestions or requests in regards to areas of interest, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

Also, feel free to share our newsletter with friends, family, loved ones and anyone you feel would benefit from this information.

In Gratitude and Grace, 

Sacha, Greg, Santi, Roman, Brian, Wolf, Nancy, Guille, Connie, Andrea, Ryan, Ilona, Maia, Michael, and the whole NewEarth team.